C u r r i c u l u m   V i t a e

E d u c a t i o n



PhD in Composition, The University of York, York/UK.
Prof. Nicola LeFanu / Prof. Thoma Simaku / Prof. John Stringer



MMus in Composition, The Royal Academy of Music - The University of London, London/UK.
Prof. Paul Patterson / Prof. Robert Saxton



Bachelor in Composition, SuhHanyang University, Seoul/Korea.
Prof. Kyungsun Suh

W o r k s h o p s  /  M a s t e r c l a s s e s / R e s i d e n c y


I-Park’s Composers + Musicians Collaborative Residency, East Haddam (CT)/USA.

Collaborative exchanges of ideas, numerous readings sessions and 2 concerts in Old Lyme (CT) and New York City.


Peter Eotvos Contemporary Music Foundation, Herrenhaus Edenkoben/Germany.
International Mastercourse and Workshop for conductors and composers with Peter Eotvos and Zsolt Nagy.


Voix Nouvelles Composition Course, Fondation Royaumont, Asnieres-sur-Oise/France.
with Brian Ferneyhough, Jonathan Harvey and Theo Loevendie.



Darmstadt, The 41st International Summer Course for New Music.


Ensemble Resonanz, Conducted by Florian Pestell, Darmstadt/Germany.



National New Composer’s Forum, The Orchestra of Opera North, conducted by John Carewe, York/UK.



New Music Players Workshop with James Wood, The New Music Players, conducted by John Stringer, York/UK.


Northern Sinfonia Workshop, Northern Sinfonia, conducted by Baldur Bronmman, Newcastle/UK.


String Quartet Workshop with Anthony Gilbert, International String Quartet Festival 2000.
Archinto Quartet, Royal Northern College, Manchester/UK.


BBC Singers Workshop, The Royal Academy of Music, London/UK.

P r i z e s  / D i s t i n c t i o n s

Sungji Hong has received 45 distinctions for her compositions: First Prize (13), Second Prize (3), Third Prize (2), Honorable Mention (6), Finalist (5), grants (7) and scholarships (9).

[ 1 s t    P R I Z E S ]
2013     Franz Josef Reinl-Stiftung 2013 - Composition, Vienna/Austria.

2012     IV Concurso Internacional Magistralia, Fundacion Magistralia, Oviedo/Spain - [1 among 51 submissions].

2011     In Nova Musica Competition, Centre cultural La Llacuna, Andorra la Vella/Principat d' Andorra.

2011     The 1st Ilshin Composition Prize, Ilshin Foundation & The Seoul Spring Festival, Seoul/Korea.

2010     The International Composition Competition 'Jesus Villa-Rojo', Guadalajara/Spain.

2007     The European Competition of State Conservatory of Thessaloniki 2007, Thessaloniki, Greece - [3 among 55 submissions].

2005     Brave New Works Composers Competition, Ann Arbor (MI)/USA - [2 among 156 submissions from 22 countries].

2004     The Temple Music Composition Prize, London/UK - [1 among 200 submissions].

2004     2003-2004 Season Crwth Composition Competition, The Alauna Ensemble, Swansea/UK.

2003     The International Competition for Original Ballet Music, ISCM World Music Days-Slovenia 2003, Ljubljana/Slovenia.

2003     The 5th Montserrat International Camera Music Composition Competition, The city council of Montserrat, Valencia/Spain.

2003     Theodore Front Prize, International Alliance for Women in Music, Maryland/USA.

2002     ACL Yoshiro Irino Memorial Prize, 2002 Asian Contemporary Music Festival, Seoul/Korea.

[ 2 n d    P R I Z E S ]
2011     Synthermia International Contemporary Music Competition, Municipal Theatre, Thermi/Greece.

2008     The 2008 Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award Competition, Urbana (IL)/USA - [3 among 292 submissions].

2007     Dimitris Mitropoulos International Competition for composing, Athens/Greece - [3 among 55 submissions].

[ 3 r d    P R I Z E S ]
2011     Composition Contest Franz Liszt for piano & orchestra, Weimar/Germany.

2005     CHAMBER MUSIC SEINAJOKI 2005 Composition Competition, Seinajoki/Finland.

[ M E N T I O N S ]

2018     The National Flute Association, Newly Published Music Competition, Honorable Mention, Soaring for solo flute-Tetractys Publishing.


2017     Etymos Ensemble | Call For Scores, Special Mention, Lucca/Italy.

2006     The Vanguard Premieres Choral Composition Contest 2006, Honorable Mention, Dearborn (MI)/USA.

2006     The 8th International Composer's Competition, Jihlava 2006, Honorable Mention, Prague/Czech Republic.

2005     New York Treble Singers 2005 Composition Competition, Special Mention, New York (NY)/USA.

2003     Look & Listen Festival Prize 2004, Honorable mention, New York (NY)/USA.

[ F I N A L I S T ]
2012     5th Johann Joseph Fux Competition for Opera Composition, The Province of Styria, Graz/Austria.

2009     Intercultural ONIX International Composition Competition, Michoacan/Mexico - [9 among 146 submissions].

2005     Pierre Schaeffer 2005, V International computer Music Competition (category: Instrument and tape), Pescara/Italy.

2005     University of Aberdeen Music Prize 2005, Aberdeen/UK - [5 Finalists among 400 submissions from 13 countries].

2002     Ensemble Eleven Young Composers Competition 2002, Manchester/UK.


G r a n t s  / S c h o l a r s h i p s

Sungji Hong received a Young Artist Grant (2007) to give her portrait concert with Ensemble TIMF from Arts Council Korea and several travel grants from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Germany (2011), France (2010) and Ireland (2009) to attend concert series, portrait concert and festivals. While she was studying in England, she received a travel grant from the PRS Foundation and British Council. Also she has received full grants (course fee, Lodging and meals) to attend the International Mastercourse and Workshop in Herrenhaus (2009) and the 41st Darmstadt International Summer Course (2002) in Germany.

[ G R A N T S ]
2014     New Music USA, Project Grant, New York (NY)/USA.
            Project Grant to compose a new work for flute and electronics to be performed by Carla Rees at the London Forge.

2011     Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Germany, the Korean Cultural Centre in Berlin.
            Travel Grant to attend the Weimarer Spring Festival for Contemporary Music 2011.

2010     Embassy of the Republic of Korea to France, the Korean Cultural Centre in Paris.
            Travel Grant to attend the Festival Champs Libres.

2009     Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Ireland, Travel Grant to work with the Ensemble Concord, Dublin/Ireland.

2006     Arts Council Korea, Grant for Portrait Concert, Seoul/Korea.

2003     The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Travel Grant for ISCM World Music Days 2003, Seoul/Korea.

2003     The PRS Foundation and British Council, Travel Grant for ISCM World Music Days 2003, London/UK.

[ S C H O L A R S H I P S ]
2009     International Mastercourse and Workshop for conductors and composers in Herrenhaus Edenkoben,
            Scholarship for the course fee, Lodging and meals in Herrenhaus, Edenkoben/Germany.

2003     CFAMC Scholarship, The Christian Fellowship of Art Music Composers, New York (NY)/USA.

2002     Scholarship from the 41st Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt/Germany.

2002     British Chevening Scholarship, The British Council, Seoul/Korea.

2001     Vinson Award, The University of York, York/UK.

2001     BCC Scholarship, The Scholarship Foundation of BoonDang Central Church, Sungnam/Korea.

1999     Manson Award, The Royal Academy of Music, London/UK.

1999     Foundation Award, The Royal Academy of Music, London/UK.

1998     Leverhulme Composition Award, The Royal Academy of Music, London/UK.

C o m m i s s i o n s


2019     Fromm Music Foundation, New work to be performed by Ensemble SonoMania, Harvard University, Boston (MA), USA.


2019     Texas Flute Society, New work for the 34th Annual Myrna W. Brown Artist Competition, Denton (TX), USA.

2019     New work for Furman University Clarinet Choir to be performed at the South Carolina Music Educator Association Conference, 

            Columbia (SC)/USA.


2019     Sounds Modern, New work for flute and piano to be performed by Sounds Modern at the Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth (TX)/USA.


2018     The National Flute Association, New work for the 2020 NFA Young Artist Competition in Dallas (TX)/USA.

2018     Sarah K Watts, New work for Bass Clarinet to be performed by her during her recital in UK.


2018     Daegu Contemporary Music Festival, New work to be performed by Ensemble Mosaik at Chamber Hall, Daegu/Korea.


2017     Phidias Trio Tokyo, New work to be performed at Hall 60, Tokyo/Japan.


2016     UMS 'n JIP, New work to be performed at the Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich/Switzerland.        

2015     Sounds Modern Trio, New work to be performed at the Voertman Hall, Denton (TX)/USA.

2015     The Music Department’s 50th anniversary weekend, New piece to celebrate 50th anniversary at the University of York, UK.

2015     The 10th Seoul Spring Festival, New piece to celebrate 10th anniversary in Seoul, Korea.

2014     Carla Rees, New work for flute and electronics to be performed by her during the Rarescale Concert series in London, UK.

2013     Lorelei Ensemble, New piece for women’s voices to be performed by Lorelei Ensemble in Boston, USA.

2011     Ensemble cross.art, New piece for their project “cross.art 400”! in Stuttgart, Germany.

2011     The Pharos Foundation, New work to be performed at the International Contemporary Music Festival in Nicosia, Cyprus.

2010     Soyeon Kim, New work for her piano recital at the Salle Cortot in Paris, France.

2008     Keumho Asiana Cultural Foundation, New work to be performed by violinist Hae-Sun Kang at the Kumho Art Hall in Seoul, Korea.

2008     The 19th Takefu International Music Festival, New work to be performed by Next Mushroom Promotion.

2008     The Darmstadt New Music Festival 2008, New work to be performed by Duo Konflikt.

2007     Foundation for Universal Sacred Music - [6 Selected from over 100 proposals].

            The Lord is my Shepherd to be performed by The New York Virtuoso Singers in New York.

2006     Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, New work to be performed by Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.

2005     Tongyeoung International Music Festival 2007, Monolithous to be performed by Masan Philharmonic Orchestra.

2005     Ensemble TIMF, Animato di piu for 8 instruments to be performed by Ensemble TIMF.

2004     Fromm Music Foundation, Harvard University, Shades of Raindrops to be performed by Ensemble TIMF.

            - [10 Selected from 207 proposals].

2004     The International Isang Υun Music Society, Descending flow to be performed by Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin in

            Konzerthaus, Berlin.

2004    Tongyeoung International Music Festival 2005, String Quartet No 2 to be performed by Arditti String Quartet.

2003     MATA-Music At The Anthology, Pater Noster to be performed by Vox Vocal Ensemble

            - [4 Selected from 256 proposals].

2002     The University of York, The Light of the World -12 solo strings to be performed by the University Chamber Orchestra.

2002     Trio Mediaeval, Missa Lumen de Lumine - three women’s voices for their next CD release (ECM Record 028947630210).

2001     Sarah Watts, Formation of the Black Arrow-solo Bass Clarinet in Bb.

2000     Spitalfields Festival, Aube for13 instruments to be performed by Manson Ensemble.

2000     The Royal Academy in London for Arvo Part Festival, London/UK.

1999     Melinda Maxwell, The Annunciation-oboe and percussion for her CD release (Dutton CDLX7139).

P r o f e s s i o n a l    E x p e r i e n c e s


2019     Evaluating Committee: 20 compositions, ISCM WMD 2020, Korean ISCM Section, Seoul/Korea.


2019     Evaluating Committee: 38 compositions, Atemporánea Festival, Buenos Aires/Argentina.


2019     Evaluating Committee: 34 compositions, The 47th PAN Music Festival’s Call for Scores, Seoul/Korea.


2019     Featured composer: The SoundON Festival of Modern Music, La Jolla (CA)/USA.


2018     Faculty: Gyeonggi Philhamonic Orchestra Masterclass for conductors and composers, Suwon/Korea.


2018     Member of the Jury: 11 compositions, Gyeonggi Philhamonic Orchestra Masterclass, Suwon/Korea.


2018     Faculty: Daegu Modern Music Festival, Daegu Concert House, Daegu/Korea.


2018     Featured composer: Daegu Modern Music Festival, Daegu Concert House, Daegu/Korea.


2018     Artistic Review Panelist for Music: 5 compositions, The 15th Sound and Music Computing Conference, Limasol/Cyprus.


2017     Member of the Jury: 31 compositions, Ensemble Tongyeoung International Music Festival’s Call for Scores, Seoul/Korea.
            Serve on the panel for Korean Composers Project ‘Asian Itinerary’.

2018     Chief Conductor of Seoul Junior Choir, Seoul/Korea.


2017     Chief Conductor of Seoul Junior Choir, Seoul/Korea.


2016     Artistic Review Panel: 20 compositions, The Late Night at National Sawdust, Chicago (IL)/USA.
            Serve on the panel for an innovative new composer reading and concert series ‘The Late Night at National Sawdust’.


2015     Artistic Review Panelist for spring 2015: 105 applications, New Music USA, New York (NY)/USA.
            Serve as Artistic Review Panelist for spring 2015 round of the project grants.


2011     Artistic Director of ‘Harmony of Greece & Korea’, Michael Cacoyannis Theater, Athens/Greece.

2004     Member of the Jury: The 6th Montserrat International Camera Music Composition Competition, Valencia/Spain.


2004     Member of the Jury: Juan Bautista Comes Competition, Segorbe/Spain.

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