E n s e m b l e   (3 to 6 Instruments)



2011, 7 mins - fl, cl, pf

Bisbiglio was completed in July 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It lasts about 7 minutes and is scored for flute, Bb clarinet and piano.


The work was written for The International Contemporary Music Festival in Cyprus to be performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble.

The work has been performed by Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, The Boston New Music Initiative, QUARTZ ensamble, Group for New Music of Brigham Young University, and Ensemble TIMF.

Published by Da Vinci Edition, Milan/Italy (CODE: DV 10166).

Luminous Flux

2008, 10mins- fl, ob, cl, pf, vn, vc

Luminous Flux was completed in June 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It lasts about 9 minutes and is scored for six instruments: Flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, piano, violin and violoncello.


It was first performed by Next Mushroom Promotion Ensemble under the direction of Ruediger Bohn at the Takefu International Music Festival 2008, New Horizons Concert III on 9 September 2008.

Published by Tetractys in UK (815147/9).


2015, 7 mins - cl, pf, vn, vc

Evlogimenos for clarinet, violin, violoncello and piano was written in 2015 for TrioPolis. The inspiration for this piece is based on the painting L'entrata di Cristo in Gerusalemme of Pietro Lorenzetti, an Italian painter (active between c.1306 and 1345).


The work was first performed by TrioPolis on 8 February 2016 at the Recital Hall, UNT in Denton.

Lux Mundi

2018, 9 mins - ob, vn, vc &pf 

Lux Mundi was completed in 2018. It lasts about 9 minutes and is scored for oboe, violin, violoncello and piano.

The work was written for the Daegu Contemporary Music Festival to be performed by Ensemble Mosaik. It received its first performance on 21 June 2018 at Chamber Hall in Daegu, Korea.

Et descendit

2015, 9 mins - fl, va, hp 

Et descendit for flute, viola and harp was written in 2015 for Sounds Modern Trio. The inspiration for this piece is based on the painting Battesimo di Cristo of Piero della Francesca, the Italian Renaissance master.


This piece was made possible by a grant from Ms Yeonju Kim and  it was first performed by Sounds Modern Trio on 4 February 2016 at the Voertman Hall, UNT.

Published by Tetractys in UK (Ref: 815147/5).

Resting in Light

2009, 16 mins - cl, vn, va, vc 

Resting in Light was completed in November 2009 in memory of my mother and the piece is dedicated to her. It lasts about 16 minutes and is scored for four instruments: clarinet, violin, viola and violoncello.


It was first performed by Laboratorio de Interpretacion Musical under the direction of Jesus Villar-Rojo at the Los Remedios Church in Guadalajara, Spain on 4 May 2010.


In 2010, Resting in Light was awarded to the First Prize at the International Composition Competition 'Jesus Villa-Rojo' in Guadalajara, Spain. It was organized by Fundación Siglo Futuro and sponsored by BBK.


Resting in Light for clarinet and string trio recorded by LIM (Laboratorio de Interpretacion), is included in a limited edition ‘Innovaciones de vanguardia’ by BBK (Fundacion Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa Fundazioa) for the 30th anniversary of the BBK Festival in Madrid.

Shades of Raindrops

2006, 12 mins - fl, bcl, pf, vn, vc

Shades of raindrops was composed between September 2005 and January 2006 almost in parallel with the period of my pregnancy. It was the last piece I completed in Korea before I moved to live in Greece. It lasts about 11 minutes and is scored for five instruments: Flute, Bb Bass Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Violoncello.


It was first performed by the Ensemble TIMF under the direction of Uzong Choe at the First Church in Cambridge in Boston.


This piece was made possible by a grant from the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University

In 2008, Shades of raindrops was awarded to the Second Prize at the Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award Competition. It is published by Da Vinci Edition, Milan/Italy (CODE: DV 10208).

Shades of raindrops has been performed by Juventas New Music, Brave New Works, ENsemble TIMF, Nepaklusnieji, Ensemble Concorde, ensemble NOISE, and Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble in Seoul (Korea), Vilnius (Lithuania), Urbana (IL, USA), New York (NY, USA), Boston (MA,USA), Jackson (MI, USA), Ann Arbor (MI, USA), La Jolla (CA, USA), Belfast (Ireland), and Dublin (Ireland).

Lazare veni foras !

2016, 8 mins – picc, cl/bcl, trb, pf, vn & db 

The inspiration for this piece is based on the painting The Raising of Lazarus (about 1519) by Sebastiano del Piombo, Italian painter (of the High Renaissance and early Mannerist periods).


Lazare veni foras! was completed in August 2016 during the I-Park’s Composers and Musicians Collaborative Residency, with the Ensemble MISE-EN. It lasts about 8 minutes and is scored for piccolo, clarinet (bass clarinet), trombone, piano, violin and double bass.


It was premiered by Ensemble MISE-EN under the direction of Moon Young Ha on August 30 2016 at the National Opera Center in New York.

String Quartet No 2 was commissioned by the Tongyoung International Festival and composed on the Greek island of Crete in early 2005.


It was first performed by the Arditti String Quartet on 19 March 2005 at the Tongyoung International Festival, Korea. It lasts for 8 minutes.

String Quartet No 2

2005, 8 mins - 2vn, va, vc