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Welcome to Sungji's HOMEPAGE

    “I want my music to be vibrantly colorized and to be heard as shimmering colors that wave in red, blue, green, yellow or gold.”
  -Sungji Hong
    “a work of iridescent freshness”
- BBC Music Magazine

“the sound is utterly luminous”
- Fanfare Magazine

“it had fantasy, colour and drive”
- Nottingham evening post

“outbursts of rhythmic energy”
- The Irish Times

"a virtuoso exploration of the technical and sonorous possibilities”
- Daily Telegraph

“it explores colours, images and timbre”
- Blue note przecena

“the ringing tones and soaring harmonies take us to a sublime soundscape of wonder and meditation”
- Premarily a cappella

Fantasy’, ‘lyricism’, ‘lucidity’, ‘delicacy’, ‘energy’ and ‘colourful with a wealth of imagery’ are key words in the aesthetic of Sungji’s music who devotes herself to composition and lives in Dallas, Texas.

Her musical materials weave a seamless tapestry of sound with innumerable meticulous details that never fails to attain a dramatic construction with maximum intensity, a sense of exuberance, tempestuousness or soaring ecstasy. These elements in her music have attracted and stimulated number of choreographers and video artists to create their own new works upon her music. Thus Sungji has collaborated with Professor Kim Giblisco [choreography: Kim Giblisco, Deconstructing Joy (Missa Lumen de Lumine)], the Universal Ballet Company [video: Seo-ou Choi & choreography: Yeon-ok Baek, Le Miroir des Eaux (Missa Lumen de Lumine)], video artist Dimitris Bourdoglou [video: Dimitris Bourdoglou, Spirit] and the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet company [Choreography: Stasa Zurovac, Kiklos].
    NEWS - New Music USA Grant, Upcoming concerts & World premieres    
    I am so thrilled to announce that I am awarded a project grant by New Music USA. My project [A new work for flute and electronics written for flutist Carla Rees] is one of 62 chosen for an award among the 1,242 projects!!    
    06/04/2015 - Elektramusic concert
Black Arrow will be performed by Armand Angster (Accroche Note) in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts in Strasbourg, France.
Black Arrow-Sungji Hong Listen to the piece with score follower
Light of the World will be performed by The Orquesta de Cámara de Bellas Artes during the XXXVI New Music Forum Manuel Enríquez in Mexico City.
for flute and electronics will be first performed by Carla Rees at The Forge in London, UK.
Spring Fanfare
will be first performed by TIMF Ensemble during the 10th Seoul Spring Festival to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Festival at the Sejong Chamber Hall in Seoul/Korea.
Floges will be first performed at The Music Department’s 50th anniversary weekend, University of York, York/UK.
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