M i x e d  M e d i a

Black Arrow

2005, 6'33 - bcl & tape

Black Arrow was completed on the Greek island of Crete in early 2005. The piece is dedicated to Sarah K Watts.

In 2011, Black Arrow was awarded  to the First prize at the In Nova Música Competition (Centre cultural La Llacuna, Principat d' Andorra). In 2011, it was released on Elektra Music in 2011 (Elektramusic Electroacoustic, Music Volume 03 CD)

Black Arrow was performed by Sarah K Watts, Harry Sparnaay, Ernesto Camilo Vega, Thomas Monod,  Fernando Domínguez, Massimo Munari, Laurent Bruttin, Victor Pereira, Yuko Fukumae, Jason Noble, Luis Conde, and featured at the International Electroacoustic Music Festival Spring in Havana (Havana/Cuba, 2006), The International Computer Music Conference (New Orleans/US, 2006), Ensemble Linea Concert Series (Guebwiller/France,2007), The 8th International Festival of Electroacoustic Music of Santiago Ai-maako (Santiago/Chile, 2008), International Electroacoustic Music Festival of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia (Rome/Italy, 2008), The 6th Sound and Music Computing Conference (Porto/Portugal, 2009), Archipel Festival (Geneva/Switzerland, 2009), ISCM World Music Days (Sydney/Australia, 2010), Elektramusic at TAPS Strasbourg: “White Card” Series (Strasbourg/France, 2010), The Encuentro Internacional de Clarinetes (Montevideo/Spain, 2010), Las Mujeres en la Música Contemporánea (Madrid/Spain, 2010), Encuentro de Arte Sonoro y nuevas musicas Tsonami (Buenos Aires/Argentina, 2010), Rarescale 10th Anniversary Concerto Gala (London/UK, 2013), BBC Radio 3-Hear and Now (London/UK, 2015), International Symposium Music and Sonic Arts (Karlsruhe/Germany, 2016), and Sound Agendas (Sheffield/UK, 2018).

Published by Tetractys in UK (Ref: 815147/7).


2015, 8'04 - fl & tape

This work is the result of an ongoing collaboration with Carla Rees. She provided studio recordings of the flute solo part I composed. I made use of her recording as the main sound sources on the tape in order to create a unified sonic world between the electronic part and instrumental part.


SHINE for flute and electronics, written for flutist Carla Rees, was supported by New Music USA. It was completed in early 2015 and was first performed by Carla Rees on 15 April 2015 at The Forge in London.

SHINE was performed by Carla Rees, Mariangel Villalobos, Eun Hae Oh, Kelley Barnett and featured at the Open Space Festival (Nuremburg/Germany, 2016), Technology & Innovation Concert Series of De Montfort University (Leicester/UK, 2016), Spring New Music Festival of University of York (York/UK, 2016) and La Cote Flute Festival (Gland/Switzerland, 2016).

Published by Tetractys in UK (Ref: 815147/1).

2017 - alto flute and ensemble with tape

1st Movement - High Mountain

The inspiration for this piece is based on Icon of the Transfiguration (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow) by Theophanes the Greek (1340 – c. 1410), a Byzantine Greek artist and one of the greatest icon painters of Muscovite Russia.


Transfiguration lasts about 15 minutes and it is scored for piccolo, oboe, clarinet/Bass clarinet, piano, violin, viola, cello and solo alto flute with electronics.


The concerto, in two movements, It was first performed by RCM ensemble, Michael Oliva (electronics) and Carla Rees (alto flute) under the direction of Matthew Hardy in Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall at the Royal College of Music in London on 20 January 2017. The piece is dedicated to Carla Rees.


Published by Tetractys in UK (Ref: 815147/6).

2nd Movement - As the Sun and as the Light