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2019, 8 mins - bcl

EXEVALEN, written for solo bass clarinet, explores sonic capabilities of the instrument as follows: tremolo with harmonic overtones, sweeping glissando throughout the upper partials of the instrument, and rapid succession of spectral multiphonics from low fundamentals. This work is the result of an ongoing collaboration with Sarah K Watts. She first performed the piece on July 28 during the ClarinetFest 2019 at the Auditorium, University of Tennessee.


The piece is dedicated to Sarah K Watts.

「Biblical Music Without Words」 Written by James F. McGrath



2023, 7 mins - cbf

Ruach is a piece written for solo contrabass flute that explores the sonic capabilities of the instrument as follows: air sounds, lip pizzicato, tongue pizzicato, tremolo with harmonic overtones, sweeping glissando throughout the upper partials of the instrument, and rapid succession of spectral multiphonics from low fundamentals.


The work is the result of an ongoing collaboration with Kelley Barnett, and the title, Ruach, is a Hebrew word that can be translated as "breath," "wind," or "spirit." The piece was commissioned by Kelley Barnett and premiered on May 16, 2023, at Mise-en Place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA.


The piece is dedicated to Kelley Barnett.



2023, 6 mins - afl

This piece draws its inspiration from Geertgen tot Sint Jans' painting, 'The Nativity at Night,' housed at The National Gallery in London, UK. The title, 'Fatni,' derives from the Greek word for 'manger.' Fatni explores the sonic capabilities of the Kingma System alto flute, employing techniques such as quartertones, multiphonics, multiphonic trills, tremolo with harmonic overtones, key clicks, pizzicato, and tongue ram. It is dedicated to Carla Rees, who performed it at the 51st Annual NFA Convention on August 6, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona.


Fatni is available from Tetractys Publishing in the UK. Recorded live at the 51st Annual NFA Convention in Phoenix, Arizona, on August 6, 2023.


The piece is dedicated to Carla Rees.


Proba me, Deus

2021, 7 mins - vn

The inspiration for this piece is based on the Biblical verses from Psalm 139:23-24, and the Latin title translates to "Search me, O God." My piece responds to the text through the voice of the solo violin that explores timbral nuances and interaction between the two or three strings as the first idea of the piece in low register: double stops or triple stops. The second idea is searching for the sonority of the open strings that are built around 5th intervals and natural harmonics at the top of the register. These two ideas are constantly repeated yet ever-changing and grow into a rhythmically charged outburst in the second section.


PROBA ME, DEUS was recorded by Megumi Stohs Lewis for Deus Ex Musica's new CD release. The music was written in 2021 for The Psalms Project by Deus Ex Musica. The duration of the piece is about 7 minutes.

Biblical Music Without Words Written by James F. McGrath

Silver Bells!

2023, 11 mins - pf

The inspiration for this piece is based on The Bells, the first among four parts, by Edgar Allan Poe. The poem was one of his last works, which was written in 1848. My piece, SILVER BELLS! responds to the highly onomatopoeic poem through the exploration of bell-like resonant sounds on the piano to echo the sounds of the verses.


SILVER BELLS! was completed in 2023 and is dedicated to pianist Jihye Chang. It was first performed by Chang on 13 February 2023 at the Voertman Hall, University of North Texas.


2019, 10 mins - fl & pf

Unfolding over an eight-bar repeated pattern in the pianist’s left hand, the piece takes its inspiration from Christ in the Garden, painted by Nikolaus Obilman in 1466 (Warsaw’s National Museum in Poland); in projecting this prayer into physical movement, the choreographer writes that she “creates a meditative landscape exploring moments of women’s resistance, folding and unfolding brokenness, invisibility, and reawakening.”


The music is written for the dance Grounded Orbit in collaboration with choreographer Ilana Morgan. It was performed by dancers Sharon Barnhill and Linda Wallace, pianist Anatolia Ioannides, and flutist Elizabeth McNutt at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in Texas on January 19, 2019. It was commissioned by the Sounds Modern.


Vidimus Stellam

2020, 6 mins - fl

Vidimus Stellam for solo flute was commissioned by the National Flute Association to be performed by the semi-finalists at the Young Artist Competition. The piece was premiered by Jennie Oh Brown on 13 August 2021 during The National Flute Association Convention.


The Latin title translates to "We have seen His star" and pertains to the Biblical account of the star hovering above the birthplace of Christ. I wanted to create a sound that imitates the effect of a rapidly flickering star in the night sky; the way the starlight intensifies and changes its brightness in complex patterns. I explored this natural phenomenon with everchanging musical gestures of soft microtonal glissandi and pitch bends, and also in dynamic sections with jet whistles, harmonic sweeps, and harmonic climbings.


It is dedicated to Elizabeth McNutt, experimental flutist and friend, who has been an inspiration for the piece.

「Biblical Music Without Words」 Written by James F. McGrath



2020, 6 mins - fl

Hxó is a Greek word meaning 'echo,' a reflection of sound after the direct sound. In this piece, the flute explores echo in various ways. The main idea is based on a short staccato attack followed by a quiet fluctuation of timbral trills. The first few measures depict a sound recording I captured of my son screaming playfully in a huge underground parking lot with a beautiful echo effect. The echo of the scream was reflected three times.

It was commissioned by the
Texas Flute Society for the 34th Myrna Brown Artist Competition. It was first performed on 23 May 2020, during the Annual Texas Flute Festival by the four finalists, Hyunjee Lee, Denis Savelyev, Grace Wang, and Yi Xiang.



2016, 5 mins - picc

The title Fruscio (Rustling) reflects the behavior of the music in the work. The inspiration for this piece is from the nature surrounded by I-Park Foundation in East Haddam, Connecticut. It was composed during the I-Park’s Residency under collaboration with Ensemble MISE-EN in August 2016.


Fruscio was first performed by Kelley Barnett during the Sound of Stockholm Festival at the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm on 10th of November 2016. It lasts about 5 minutes and is scored for piccolo.



Rev. 2016 (2008), 4 mins- vn

The title suggests gestures of sudden burst of bright light. Dashing and flashing gestures are heard continuously on high registers.


Flash for violin solo was completed in September 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was commissioned by Kumho Asiana Cultural Foundation to be premiered by Hae-Sun Kang at the Kumho Art Hall in Seoul on 6 November 2008.


2018, 13 mins - pf

The piece opens with glissando on the strings and xylophonic sound that is achieved by muting the strings. Later in the second section, the vertical sonorities are heard gently in high, whilst attacks of low ‘F’ is heard. Exploring sonorities of this huge space carries on through the piece.


The inspiration for this piece is based on the fresco L'Ascensione (c.1305, The Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy) by Florentine artist Giotto di Bondone. Epirthi was first performed by Youngwoo Lee at the Seoul Arts Center-Recital Hall in Seoul on 21st of November 2020. It lasts about 13 minutes and is scored for solo piano. It is written for Youngwoo Lee.


Rev. 2017 (2010), 4 mins - fl

While I was working on this piece I was imagining a seabird dynamically soar by repeatedly diving into the valleys of ocean waves, and then wheeling back up into the air.


Soaring was completed in late 2010 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was revised in 2017. Soaring is written for Carla Rees and it was first performed in London on 20th July 2012. It lasts about 4 minutes.


Sweetness of Stars

2010, 3 mins - fl

Sweetness of stars was completed in early 2010 in Thessaloniki, Greece. In Sweetness of stars, the flute wanders around on high registers in soft dynamics. It explores in between stillness and motion.

The piece was first performed during the Festival Champs Libres by Keiko Murakami at the Le Maillon Hautepierre in Strasbourg on 5 June 2010. It lasts about 3 minutes.


Amabile Saki

2007, 4 mins - vn & pf or fl & pf

Amabile Saki is a music written for prenatal. The idea of the piece comes from other work of mine, Shades of Raindrops which was composed between September 2005 and January 2006 almost in parallel with the period of my pregnancy.


In Amabile Saki, the figuration in the piano creates sense of continuous flow and its gesture evokes the water in mother's womb. Playful yet sensitive line is heard in the flute as if the prenatal infant explores the waters.


Amabile Saki was completed in November 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece. It lasts about 4 minutes and is originally scored for flute and piano. In 2010, it was first performed by Duo Sonority at Tochigiken sougou bunka center, Tochigi/Japan.


The Annunciation
2001, 9 mins - ob, perc (vib.)

The Annunciation for Oboe and Percussion was commissioned by Melinda Maxwell and was performed by her for her CD release.


The Annunciation was released on Dutton (CDLX7139). It also includes works by Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Simon Bainbridge and Robert Saxton.

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